American defense experts, recently translating Iranian military documents, have decoded plans within an Iranian military handbook that provide a “how-to” plan of attack against the United States using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. This plan includes as many as twenty locations and, according to Representative Trent Franks of Arizona, could occur from a ship, a launched missile, or a satellite.

Given the recent talks between our administration and the Iranian government over nuclear power, this is of particular note; as recently as 2014 the Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Hassan Firouzabadi, stated that he was capable of and ready for a decisive war against the States.

Founder of the Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney has been pushing for a increase of protection for the electrical grid, to protect the American people from loss of communication, electricity, and water due to an attack via Electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This move would cost an insignificant amount, drastically less than attempting to restore power after a strike. However, almost nothing has been done to protect America from this threat.

While speaking at a conference where “Denying Iran (and others) the Chance to Destroy America with a Single Nuclear Weapon” was the topic, Frank Gaffney stated, “We’ve done nothing to protect our civilian infrastructure – and most especially the electric grid that powers it – from such an effect.” … “As a result, should some enemy use a ballistic missile to detonate a nuclear weapon over the United States, it could have an existential impact on our country.”

This would certainly fall under a SHTF scenario, as our society is increasingly dependent on electricity in nearly every aspect. We can only prepare ourselves to survive whatever comes along.

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