There is now video proof that an EMP will destroy your car so it will not run. The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon will fry the sensitive circuits in modern vehicles and prevent them from running.

A new video from Discovery channel proves this. The video is from a show called Future Weapons. Here’s a summary of what happened:

  • In the show, they attempted a test to drive a Ford Taurus directly through the wave of a small EMP.
  • When coming through the pulse, the car immediately dies. Some battery power remains, enough to operate windows and lights, but the car no longer starts.
  • The EMP pulse used is small and only for this test; however, it was capable of taking out electronics in a 50 foot radius. A larger pulse, at the right distance over land, is capable of taking out electronics over a distance of several states (*note: if an EMP was strategically set off over our country,  it could take out power for our whole country and destroy the entire power grid).

View the video proof here:

What do you think? Imagine what would happen if America was brought to a stand-still, national trucking stopped, and food deliveries were no longer possible. Imagine what would happen to the United States. Comment below…

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    • Frank E.

      The ultimate result of automobile EMP exposure could be triggered crashes that damage many more vehicles than are damaged by the EMP, the consequent loss of life, and multiple injuries.

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