In a new video, Fox News Warns About A Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack In The United States. In the segment, they warn that:

  • A high altitude bomb detonated in the US’s airspace could cripple our electronics and send us back to a pre-modern era almost instantly.
  • In an EMP scenario, if a nuclear weapon was detonated high in the atmosphere, that energy would interact with the Earth’s magnetic field and produce a pulse incredibly damaging to our electronic devices and electric grid.
  • Because an EMP has such catastrophic consequences, many nations – including those not allied with the United States – already have these weapons or are currently developing them .
  • 28 nations currently have EMP technology. They also have ballistic missiles which can act as an electromagnetic device if detonated high enough in the atmosphere. For example, Iran, China, and Russia [and North Korea] already have this technology.
  • The United Sates EMP commission has put out several reports that talk about the risks of an electromagnetic attack, but Congress and the administration have relatively ignored it, according to homeland security policy analyst Jena Baker Mcneill. She also states that our government has cut the defense budget in several areas as well.

See the EMP Warning video here:

Do you think America is ready for this EMP threat? Let us know your thoughts/comments below…

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