In a new video, Newt Gingrich warns Americans about a Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. In the video, Newt Gingrich states:

  • The video starts off with Mr. Gingrich telling an audience at the Heritage Foundation that Bill Fortune has written a novel called One Second After, where he takes a town in North Carolina and shows what would happen in the case of a successful electromagnetic pulse attack.
  • In his speech, he says that an electromagnetic pulse is “essentially a peculiarly sized nuclear device that becomes a giant lightning strike. It doesn’t kill by radiation or the power of the shockwave, but knocks out all electrical appliances including the generating system that produces electricity, including cars that have electrical devices, all the telephones.”
  • Mr. Gingrich also states that replacing the electrical generation system, especially once this system is gone and society is without electrical devices, is next to impossible.
  • Congressman Roscoe Bartlett commissioned seven nuclear physicists to study what the effect would be in the case of an electromagnetic pulse attack, and they unanimously said that it would be a catastrophic event.
  • Gingrich also mentions to the crowd that just one EMP set off over Omaha would eliminate most of the electrical production in the United States.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is America Ready for an EMP? Are you ready for an EMP attack in the United States? Comment below…

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